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A technological leap in film making that finally shattered the holy grail of cinema - vibrant hyper-realistic color. For the first time, introducing the wonderful world of Dynamo-Color to celluloid. A story of one man's quest to probe the depths of the unknown and push himself beyond the borders of what's possible. Peril and beauty lurk around every murky corner as our brave explorer encounters... the Dangers of the Deep.
  • Action Adventure
  • Paul Beneton
  • Bruno Von Hammer, Adolph Dorsch, Garett Bonechild, Lyla Prendergast
  • Meet the Cast & Crew
    Bruno Von Hammer

    Born in Zagreb, Croatia to an exhausted mother of 13, Bruno was winning awards in Croatian cinema at age 3. Musically gifted, he was also playing the piano by age 3 and mastering his 14th instrument by age 6. By age 15, it seemed Bruno was destined to be an unstoppable force in the worlds of both film and music.

    After re-discovering his passion for music during the filming of Deep Danger, Bruno devoted his life to music, disappearing from the limelight for a number of years. Unconfirmed reports from TMZ and The Insider claim that Bruno has recently been spotted leaving a recording studio in Santa Monica, CA.
    Lyla Prendergast

    Blessed with stunning beauty and a mind to match, Lyla is an unstoppable force in the worlds of Mathematics and International Modeling. Her talents are so prodiguous that she once won a world beauty pagent while solving a once thought unsolvable physics theorem.

    After the disappearance of Bruno Von Hammer after the filming of Deep Danger, Lyla - heartbroken - went in seclusion herself, never to be seen again.
    James Well

    Recognized internationally as the world's best skin diver, James has receive enumberable prestigious awards acknowledging his constant pursuit of knowledge and his vast understanding of the Sea. Thanks to James, the many mysteries of the abyss have been revealed.

    Initially hired by AWOLNATION to consult on Deep Danger's underwater scenes, James's experimental underwater cinamatography became a cornerstone of the production and the springboard for many more underwater epics such as 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

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